Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I was looking forward to this documentary both for its theme -- an objective analysis of religion -- and its star, Bill Maher, whom I really like both for his humor and for his views on religion, which match mine to a T.

The final result doesn't disappoint, and although the editing might have been tweaked to drive home Maher's point that religion is full of idiotic make believe and is oftentimes used to justify one's evil deeds, I found it quite honest, objective, and straightforward.

In fact, although his detractors argued that Maher scavenged for weirdos and fanatics, the vast majority of the people he interviewed were regular folk, religious leaders, politicians, or people of faith. And if some of those depicted sounded like weirdos that only proves the documentary's success.

Whatever your views about religion, this is a good documentary that should make you think about the role of religion in society.

Grade: 7.5

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