Monday, July 13, 2009

The Lord of the Rings commentaries

I drive a couple hours daily to commute to and from work so I started listening to audio books to try and keep the stress under control. Then I realized that:
  1. my car is outfitted with a DVD player,
  2. I know the Lord of the Rings trilogy movies by memory,
  3. each of the movies showcases 4 audio commentaries that have been highly praised but would require over 50 hours of viewing time, given that each film is between 3.5 and 4 hours long!
And that's when it hit me: "Why not load the discs in the car DVD player and 'watch' the movies in my mind while listening to the commentaries?"

The result has been greatly entertaining and rewarding, and has allowed me to spend countless more hours in the company of the best trilogy of all time, reliving the occurrences of my favorite books ever over and over.

Furthermore, I've also learned a great deal about what went into making these motion pictures, which are largely considered to have been revolutionary under many aspects, and all this added knowledge only increased my appreciation and adoration for them.

I recognize that it is an incredible amount of time, but if you have the stamina, it's definitely worth it.

Now I only have to find the time to actually physically watch the 6 discs of extras that came with the collector's editions I bought, plus another couple of discs related to the Lord of the Rings, and I'll be all done!!

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