Tuesday, April 05, 2016


The Gist: Spotlight, a special team of investigative reporters at the Boston Globe, starts looking into allegations of child abuse against Catholic priests. The investigation ends up exposing a massive cover-up that engulfs the Church leadership at the highest levels, goes back several decades, and involves hundreds of priests.

This year's Best Picture Oscar winner, Spotlight tells the true story of the unfathomable cover-up of one of the most heinous crimes on the part of the secretive and powerful Catholic Church.

Once the abuse was brought to light in Boston, victims started coming forward all over the country and the world, implicating thousands of priests and implying that the cover-up led all the way up the highest ranks of the Vatican itself.

The Boston Globe's Spotlight team won the Pulitzer Prize for their investigation and reporting.

The entire cast is outstanding, but Stanley Tucci, Mark Ruffalo, and Michael Keaton deserve special praise.

The Bottom Line: This movie is a must see for everyone. To clearly see how extensive and pervasive the conspiracy was is staggering and boggles the mind.

Grade: 8

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