Tuesday, April 05, 2016

The Walking Dead

Season 6 of The Walking Dead just ended with a high-stakes cliffhanger that saw all the principals surrounded and subdued by Negan's army of so-called Saviors.

Not only have they all been captured, but one of them has been brutally murdered by Negan, although we don't know who.

Negan is the new baddie and obviously the next season will be largely dealing with him and his threat to Alexandria's community.

From hearing about Negan I knew he would be a big character, so Rick's growing cockiness in his certainty and insistence that they were safe, strong, and secure in the face of the Saviors' threat clearly pointed to a reckoning of sorts coming his way.

Only two main characters haven't been captured with the others, Carol and Morgan, but she's severely wounded. They have however met a couple of new characters that we hadn't seen before, so who knows what that will lead to.

Overall, another great season for one of my favorite shows ever. Can't wait for Season 7 so I'm glad that next Sunday marks the return of Fear the Walking Dead.

Grade - Season 6: 8

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