Friday, January 23, 2009

Super Mario Galaxy

This is the second Wii game I beat and probably the most famous Nintendo character of all time. Heck, it's probably the most famous video game character from any platform ever! Period.

It was the first time I played a Mario game, and I was a little wary because my only other experience was that dreadful movie from 1993 with John Leguizamo and Bob Hoskins. Gods, wasn't that awful!!

Thankfully, the experience was completely different, and I actually loved this game, with all its different levels, more and more complex and beautifully designed, and the excellent gameplay.

My only complaint is that, although I technically did beat the game, I did not complete it.

While with Metroid Prime 3 Corruption (the only other game I ever beat) the game was actually over when I beat the final boss, here, I did beat the last boss, but then a new series of levels opened up.

Now, every level has its challenges (chief among them, are several types of enemies) and end with you collecting a Grand Star. Well, these new levels are simply the previous, already played levels, but without enemies, and with the only task being collecting 100 Purple Coins. Once that's done, you can collect the new level's Grand Star. Sounds easy enough. Maybe just a way on the part of the programmers to let you play the game a little longer before you move on after you've beat it.

Now, while a few of these new levels are extremely easy to complete, I am now at 110 Grand Stars collected, with 10 more to go. Three levels are available for me to pick from, but I cannot seem to be able to pass any of them. And since I've collected 110 Grand Stars, I surely think I know how to play the game!!

I am actually facing the possibility that I might never be able to collect all the 120 Grand Stars of the game because these last levels, which sound simple as all you have to do is collect coins unopposed by any enemy, are the hardest thing I've been presented with so far.

I have now resolved to move on to other games and occasionally come back to this one, well armed with a lot of patience, and attempt the remaining levels one at a time, but at this rate it might take me years, and one loses interest.

It's upsetting because I would feel more challenged to try and beat these levels if I hadn't already beat the game, but since I technically have, what's the point?

Oh well, I guess this shouldn't detract from the overall wonderful experience that's been playing this game.

Grade: 10

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