Wednesday, January 21, 2009


One of the many unsuccessful movies related to the ongoing Iraq quagmire, Rendition flopped at the box office, but its message is one we should all heed: powerful people can ruin a life in the name of ideology, laws and human rights be damned.

The title refers to the practice, utilized by the CIA in the so-called "war on terror," of secretly transferring suspected individuals to countries where unorthodox interrogation practices (read torture) are carried out without qualms, at the expense of the occasional innocent soul that gets mangled by the system.

Is Rendition successful in delivering its message? I think so. Is it a good movie? That's arguable.

The script isn't bad. The actors do a good job, chief among all, obviously, Meryl Streep. Technically, the execution is professional. There's tension, a gripping editing, and a good cinematography. But ultimately, the result is simply "all right."

Ultimately, it's not a bad movie, and serves as a reminder of the dangerous policies enacted in the name of democracy and freedom by the guy that just yesterday finally left the White House.

Grade: 6

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