Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Marriage's real enemy: divorce

This Cal Thomas anti same-sex marriage article did have a good point after all:
To those on the political and religious right who are intent on continuing the battle to preserve “traditional marriage” in a nation that is rapidly discarding its traditions, I would ask this question: What poses a greater threat to our remaining moral underpinnings? Is it two homosexuals living together, or is it the number of heterosexuals who are divorcing and the increasing number of children born to unmarried women, now at nearly 40 percent, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention?

Most of those who are disturbed about same-sex marriage are not as exercised about preserving heterosexual marriage. That’s because it doesn’t raise money and won’t get them on TV. Some preachers would rather demonize gays than oppose heterosexuals who violate their vows by divorcing, often causing harm to their children. That’s because so many in their congregations have been divorced and preaching against divorce might cause some to leave and take their contributions with them.

The battle over same-sex marriage is on the way to being lost. For conservatives who still have faith in the political system to reverse the momentum, you are—to recall Harold Hill—“closing your eyes to a situation you do not wish to acknowledge.”
Who can argue with anything he's saying here? Sure, he's against same-sex marriage, but he also admits that there are worse problems affecting heterosexual marriage than gays and lesbians wanting to share in it.

They should take on those who divorce, since they consider marriage to be created by God and God made it eternal. But they don't, because often they are divorced as well.


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