Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Scarborough calls Trump "dangerous for this country"

According to Raw Story, Morning Joe's Joe Scarborough has come to the conclusion that Trump is out of control and seemingly losing his mind:
Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is headed completely off the rails right now, and the crew over at Morning Joe is in awe. 
Talking about Trump’s epic day in Tuesday — in which he booted a baby out of a rally, tripled down on his attacks on the Khan family and continued trashing top Republicans such as John McCain and Kelly Ayotte — Joe Scarborough came to the conclusion that Trump cannot be stopped from self-destructing. 
“The family can’t control him, the kids can’t control him, [Paul] Manafort can’t control him, nobody can control him anymore,” Scarborough said. “He’s off in the fields wandering. It’s really bad for this country. It’s dangerous for this country. What are Republicans going to do now?”

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