Monday, September 26, 2016

China's new bus concept could revolutionize city traffic

Apparently China has come up with a new design for a city bus that travels over cars, thereby neutralizing the issue of street clogging traffic:

China has completed the first real-world test of its Transit Elevated Bus concept (TEB), which made headlines this spring for its innovative design. 
The electricity-powered vehicle straddles the highway over two lanes and allows cars to pass underneath. The testing of its brake and power systems took place on Tuesday in Qinhuangdao, a port city in northeast China. 
The TEB concept is designed to help China alleviate some of its massive traffic problems. By combining two methods of transportation, the hybrid light-rail train and bus would transport large numbers of people inside its carriages while letting cars pass underneath. 
The developers believe this method would be more efficient, in terms of speed and overall cost, than building a subway system. Because the TEB is powered by electricity, the transportation system could also help the country cut down on air pollution.
Not much more information is available, but it sure looks like a cool and smart concept.

Obviously, implementing it in places like Manhattan would be an impossible logistical nightmare.

From CNN Money.

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