Monday, September 26, 2016

Water most sold item at the airport

CNN took the time to report on what the most popular items sold at airports are, and water came out on top, surprising absolutely nobody!

Of course water is going to be the most sold item when humans can't survive without water and we are forced to throw away the bottles we might bring with us. What else are we supposed to do??!
It turns out people's top priority in an airport, besides making their flight, is staying hydrated. 
Despite the high price of bottled water at the gate, it's the number one item purchased in Hudson's travel essential stores in the United States. 
[...] It helps that airline liquid restrictions have turned thirsty travelers into a captive audience -- once you're past security, there's no other option than to spend. 
Bottled water is not only number one, it's number one through five.
Ever since the ban went into effect, it's always driven me nuts when I have to fly somewhere. I usually carry a refillable bottle with me and fill it up at the fountains past security, but they're not always available and so I'm left with no choice.

I can understand the safety requirements that those a**hole terrorists force us to be subjected to now, but, this being the land of capitalism and all, I think I see a big red herring as well: millions of extra water bottles being sold across the country every year. What an irresistible business opportunity!!

I always felt like airports should sell us water bottles at cost, especially if we are asked to throw away even unopened bottles, rather than forcing us to spend $3+ a pop!

Is that just me?

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