Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Straight To Hell

The Gist: A gang of bank robbers hide their loot in the desert and then seek to hideout in a remote town where the populace seems to behave quite oddly. In a very short time, things come to a head and it's not a pretty sight.

Just like I rarely hand out the highest grade, a movie has to be absolutely abhorrent for me to hand it my worst grade, but Straight To Hell earns it in spades.

Honestly, this is one of the ugliest, most confusing, preposterous, and irritating pieces of trash I've ever seen. I am actually embarrassed to say I saw it.

I cannot imagine what Dennis Hopper and Jim Jarmusch saw in this script, but I can only speculate that they were on drugs. Grace Jones, Elvis Costello and Courtney Love also appear. The latter is so pathetically bad that I'm glad I had previously seen her acting, otherwise I'd write her right off.

The Bottom Line: I do not recommend this movie; not even as a joke. I repeat, do not watch this crap. At least if you have any respect for yourself and care about how you use your time.

Grade: 1

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