Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Battlestar Galactica

Because of my predilection for science fiction, this is quite possibly the best TV show I've ever seen. I still vividly remember watching the miniseries and loving it and feeling elated when they announced it had been picked up as a regular series.

After four seasons, the show has now come to an end, but it probably left its mark on sci-fi television series for years to come.

Its gritty realism, its well developed screenplays, its great acting, and the phenomenal visual effects all raised the bar for this type of show.

I never watched the original Battlestar Galactica, but I've heard that the fans were worried about the remake destroying what they had come to love so much. They needed not fear. The show was awesome from the start, and both audience and critical acclaim proved it.

I never buy TV series on DVD (because the viewing would require too much time and because, if I had that much time, I'd probably opt to watch something new anyway), but if I did, this would be a must have.

The conclusion of the show, a two-hour on-the-edge-of-your-seat tying up of the different storylines, managed to leave me satisfied, satiated, happy for how it ended, sad because it ended, and simply drained of energies. I watched those two hours over and over at least four or five times since, just to make sure I hadn't missed any subtle points they might have thrown in the mix.

I don't recall ever dedicating so much time to a single show as I have to this one, and it sure deserved it.

A spin off, Caprica, is slated to premiere in a few months, but it seems to be a radically different show from Battlestar Galactica. I hope it's good and I will give it a chance, but I doubt it will come anywhere near the latter's greatness.

Battlestar Galactica was a show with both a heart, a brain, and a soul. It will be sorely missed.

Grade: 10

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