Thursday, May 07, 2009

In Bruges

This dark comedy stars Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson as an odd couple of hired assassins who find themselves in Bruges, Brussels under orders from their boss, played by Ralph Fiennes.

Both Gleeson and Fiennes, two very fine actors, do a great job, as expected. It was Farrell's performance that was really surprising and that finally proved he's not just a gorgeous looking guy who can't act. He even won a Golden Globe for his role!

A particular mention must be made of Bruges itself, a quaint, very old, medieval town that charms the spectator with its beauty and tranquility. Viewing so many of its treasures really made me want to go visit it in person.

And if you have the DVD, check out the bonus material. There's a short boat trip along Bruges' canals that look so peaceful and relaxing, I'd just want to live there. It really does look like a fairytale town.

Another featurette about the making of the movie also tells us how first-time director (and writer) Martin McDonagh came up with the story. He looks so good, it's a pity he's behind the camera!

Grade: 8

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