Friday, October 16, 2009

The Time Traveler's Wife

Vittorio and I picked this movie as the only available "double" feature, otherwise it probably wouldn't be in this list, in spite of the super-handsome Eric Bana (whose role requires him to completely undress several times).

The story doesn't amount to much really. There is this guy who, occasionally, time travels to the future or the past for a little while before returning to his correct time. Whenever he travels, he sheds all his clothing, which represents perhaps 80% of the motivation for watching this lukewarm product.

At some point he meets a girl and a somewhat interesting mystery mixes up with their romantic involvement. I won't say more, but obviously it has to do with the time travel ability and their meeting each other.

The acting isn't bad, but the script is too weak to sustain any real interest and a few glaring holes dampen its effectiveness.

Grade: 5

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