Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I've always been curious about the story of Balto. I know there's a statue of him in New York City's Central Park, which always made me wonder, Why would a cartoon character receive such an honor? Perhaps there is more to this than an animated character. And apparently there is, since the movie is based on a real story.

Being an older movie, the animation is in the classic 2D format, but like I said in the past, the amount of polish doesn't matter if the story itself is good and well told, and this one is.

Balto, a dog/wolf mix, doesn't feel at home with either dogs or wolves and is shunned by everyone except for a small group of friends. The day will come, however, when Balto will rise to the occasion, face his nemesis, and gain the respect he long deserved.

The movie is good and it's perfect for family viewing.

Grade: 7

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