Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Reservation Road

Given the cast, I expected better from this movie, but right from the initial "shocker" (actually, not much of a shocker if you see it coming from a mile), I could tell that I'd be disappointed. And I was right.

The actors try their hardest, and both Joaquin Phoenix and Mark Ruffalo are pretty good. Jennifer Connelly instead is just average, as usual -- I still think it's a travesty that she has won an Oscar ...

Therefore, once again, it's the screenplay that fails to deliver. It feels like reheated, week-old leftovers and its attempt to add new angles falls flat. By the time the closing credits start rolling you feel drained by the obvious drama, but upset by a lack of originality and the inability of the writers to give us more substance.

Nothing that happens is a surprise, and we're asked to suspend our disbelief more than we should be willing to oblige.

You can safely skip this lame attempt at dramatic filmmaking.

Grade: 4

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