Tuesday, November 03, 2009


In his latest documentary filmmaker Kirby Dick takes aim at the hypocrisy of closeted gay politicians who vote against their community's best interest in order to keep their jobs and powerful positions.

The targets are mostly Republicans, given the despicable practice of the GOP of using gay rights to rile up its base and elect more conservatives.

The information presented is pretty much all in the public domain, out there for anyone wanting to see it, but apparently a lot of conservative voters are more than happy to turn a blind eye on behavior they deem inappropriate, as long as the person doing it votes the way they want them to.

The main criticism of the documentary is that it's not good or useful to out people who haven't decided to come out on their own; that the act of coming out is so personal and life altering that no one has the right to make that decision for you.

I do agree with those statements when they relate to people who do not harm anyone by staying in the closet, but in the case of these sleazy individuals who are just like me and vote against me over and over and over again, I believe they lose their right to privacy, so I applaud this type of action whenever it's warranted.

The information is presented effectively and directly and it's quite the eye opener. An indictment of all those people who will stop at nothing in their quest to gain and keep power.

I wonder how they sleep at night knowing that what they do goes against their own well being and that sooner or later someone might come along who will crush their dream life and job to smithereens .

Grade: 8

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