Friday, December 11, 2009

Into the Wild

Prodded by my friend Vittorio, who seemed to be quite impressed by the protagonist's full-primordial-nature-immersion experience, I rented this movie and was pleased.

Directed by Sean Penn, an actor a like a lot, it deals with the real story of Chris McCandless, who graduates from college and seems poised to have a successful future when he suddenly runs away. His experiences and the people he meets along the way make for an exceptional adventure.

McCandless is played by Emile Hirsch, who is destined to have a great acting career based on the talents displayed here. The supporting actors are all excellent, but their parts are quite small, while Hirsch carries the vast majority of the film on his shoulders alone.

Penn, who also wrote the movie, fully captures the appeal and the drama of a life turned upside down by the decision of a guy to live his life according to his convictions and not to what's expected of him by our society.

The beauty of nature, untouched and unspoiled by man, is breathtaking. McCandless' experiences are as well.

Grade: 7

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