Friday, December 11, 2009


I wanted to see this movie for a while because I had heard the Felicity Huffman is great in it, and I like her very much from watching Desperate Housewives, a once great show that I have now cut from my roster because it has degenerated into a carousel of totally stereotypical characters playing situations that repeat themselves to death.

As I expected, Huffman is excellent in the role of a man who is transitioning into a woman. When we first meet Bree, every hint of manhood is either gone or skillfully hidden. She's getting ready to undergo the final step, the surgery that will once and for all rid her of the one physical characteristic that makes her male to the world, but a problem arises. A problem she is grudgingly forced to deal with and that might alter her life forever.

Huffman is incredibly believable as a transgender male, and the adventures she finds herself living across the country endear her to us more and more. Kevin Zegers as her previously unknown son is also good and plays the role of a naive misfit with too many dreams quite well.

A very good movie.

Grade: 8

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