Wednesday, March 04, 2009

There Will Be Blood

2008's runner up for the Oscar for Best Picture (which went to No Country For Old Men instead) is the kind of movie that's not easily appreciated right away (it's long and slow, that kind), but that grows in your appreciation afterwards.

The story is that of a resolute and unyielding oilman from the beginning of the 20th century who finds himself at odds with a local self-appointed bible thumper who has no qualms about using the faith and the faithful to advance his cause and improve his lot.

As the oilman, Daniel Day-Lewis underwent an incredible transformation and collected his well deserved 2nd Best Actor Oscar, as well as a host of other awards. He carries the film on his shoulders, but every actor does a good job, including Paul Dano as his archenemy.

Paul Thomas Anderson's direction is flawless, as is the cinematography, full of indelible shots of the American countryside and the search for the black gold that turned so many lives upside down, whether for good or bad.

A good movie that requires some patience in order to be fully enjoyed and appreciated.

Grade: 8

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