Thursday, November 10, 2016

Inside Out

The Gist: When Riley's family moves to San Francisco, the young girl's emotions, used to the tranquil life of the Midwest, are thrown for a loop and have to figure out how to adapt to this much wilder and unpredictable environment.

Inside Out, winner of a Best Animated Feature Oscar, is one of the best movies I've ever watched. No question.

The animation is superb and the voice actors do an incredible job, but it's really the story itself and the wonderfully written script (nominated for a Best Screenplay Oscar) that make this a memorable film.

It's really an instant classic that belongs in the highest echelon of Pixar's wonderful oeuvre.

The Bottom LineInside Out will make you laugh and cry and smile and hope, and a lot more. It's a completely original movie that you never want to end. A must see for the whole family for generations to come.

Grade: 10


Martha Readyoff said...

I, too, love this movie. I thought it was an amazingly smart and charming way to illustrate how the brain works. I used the characters to talk with my young students about their emotions, neurophysiology, and metacognition.

I love your posts! And I loved that you used the word oeuvre!


Martha Readyoff said...

Massimo- have you seen In the Shadows and Let the Right One In? They're both vampire movies but I love them anyway. They are each amazing in their own ways.

Massimo said...

Thank you so much for your comments Martha!! I actually have both those movies in my (admittedly very long) queue, so eventually I'll get to them, because I love vampire stories!