Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Take Me to the River

The Gist: After traveling to Nebraska for a family reunion with his mom and dad, a young teenager finds himself the unwitting suspect of abuse.

Take Me to the River is Matt Sobel's feature debut and what a promising director (and writer) he turns out to be!

The movie is quite slow building, and you're left wondering whether there is anything more to it, but then the tension starts building, grips you, and doesn't relent.

The best thing about it are certainly the different layers that keep being added on top of one another.

Fresh faced Logan Miller is a relative newcomer and firmly establishes himself as a very promising actor. He's joined by Robin WeigertRichard Schiff, and Josh Hamilton, all among my favorite actors and all doing an excellent job.

The Bottom LineTake Me to the River comes highly recommended. The grade isn't higher simply because the slow build does drag a bit at times, but just give it time and you'll be happy you did.

Grade: 7

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