Tuesday, November 29, 2016


The Gist: Smarting from the recent direct attack on the MI6 headquarters, the British government has appointed C to oversee a globally unified field of intelligence gathering. C plans to dismiss the 00 program altogether and rein MI6 under his control. That's when Bond, following a lead from his beloved late M, decides to find out who is behind the highly secretive organization Spectre and what its ultimate objective is.

Spectre marks Daniel Craig's least successful stint yet in the famed secret agent's garb. As is often the case, a lot is going on in a 007 movie, and when the goings on stretch the fabric of belief too much, things start to turn sour.

The script is likely the main culprit. We all know Bond is super smart and resourceful, and in Craig's hands he's also athletic and tough as nails, but there are limits to what a person can achieve in the face of overwhelming odds.

Christoph Waltz, while quite delightful in the shoes of the bad guy, comes across as too much of a caricature to be memorable.

The Bottom Line: Overall, the main complaint I'd lobby at this chapter in the Bond franchise is that it's rather boring, in spite of all that's happening. Given how the movies' plots are rather intertwined, if you're a fan and likely to be back the next time around, then don't skip Spectre, but if you're just curious, then I'd suggest you go with either Casino Royale or Skyfall, both far superior and still featuring Craig, the best Bond ever in my book.

Grade: 6

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