Thursday, October 20, 2016


The Gist: A pathologist discovers that repeated concussions suffered during normal play by football players cause permanent brain damage that is often lethal. His quest to publish his findings and have the NFL (and some football fans) accept the damning results of his research will hit a wall of very powerful opposition bent on destroying his name in order to keep the sport from being changed in any way that could affect the NFL's bottom line.

Based on a true story, Concussion is a very well made film that highlights the dangers of playing a sport that is inherently violent.

I never understood the allure of a sport in which the players constantly hit one another. We have not nor will we allow our kids to play it.

Will Smith, Alec Baldwin, and Albert Brooks all give excellent performances.

At one point, a doctor in cahoots with the NFL complains with our hero that if just 10% of mothers across the country found out about his research and decided not to let their kids play football, it would spell doom for the NFL.

I would hope all parents across the country watched this movie, found out the truth, and made more informed decisions that have little to do with how many billions of dollars a mega-corporation is set to pocket. After all, the damage doesn't just occur at professional-level events, but it starts building from the very first concussion suffered by a player of any age.

The Bottom Line: Absolutely recommend this movie to anyone. Very informative, well written, and excellently acted.

Grade: 7

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