Saturday, October 22, 2016

Eye in the Sky

The Gist: A drone operation is underway against a suspected terrorist cell in Kenya. The commanding officer is in England while the drone operator is in America. A number of military and civilian officials are watching remotely. The legality and morality of drone warfare is repeatedly put into question, frustrating the officer, whose duty it is to neutralize the enemy.

Helen Mirren is tough and laser focused. Aaron Paul and Alan Rickman join her in turning in great performances.

Eye in the Sky is not always an easy movie to watch. If you have a terrorist in your crosshairs, but killing him will result in the collateral death of some innocent people, should you go ahead and do it, knowing that if you miss this opportunity he will go on to kill a lot more innocent people for his cause?

The Bottom Line: The movie delivers as a whole, with lots of suspense and plenty of moral dilemmas for the audience to posit. Definitely entertaining.

Grade: 7

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