Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Lobster

The Gist: In a not so distant future, a dystopian society requires every citizen to be happily married. When someone ends up single, no matter the reason, he's sent to a hotel where he has 45 days to find a new partner or face being turned into an animal of his choice and released into the wild.

Colin Farrell gives a very subdued performance that is one of his best, and Rachel Weisz is a great counterpart.

The cast is stellar overall, notably, Olivia Colman (the hotel manager), Ashley Jensen (the biscuit woman), Ariane Labed (the maid), Angeliki Papoulia (heartless woman), John C. Reilly, and Ben Whishaw, whose career has thankfully really taken off.

The Bottom Line: The Lobster is a very, very dark comedy. You won't laugh as much as smile because the darker undertones and occasional somewhat violent scene will leave you often incredulous. Definitely worth watching. Much food for thought.

Grade: 7

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