Friday, October 21, 2016

The Good Dinosaur

The Gist: The asteroid never hit the Earth and dinosaurs now live alongside humans and have perfected farming. Our hero is a fearful little guy who, separated from his family, has to learn the ways of the world in order to make it back.

Hard to believe that this very weak animated movie could have come out of the same Pixar house that consistently produces the absolute best films, raising the bar with each new release.

I guess every studio has a flop every now and then, but this is a little different. It's not that The Good Dinosaur is a really bad movie. We've all seen some of those, and this ain't that.

In fact The Good Dinosaur has a tender heart, a likable character, a nice friendship, good animation, and a rather entertaining (if boilerplate) plot. And yet, it doesn't feel satisfying.

I can only guess that somehow Pixar's recipe this time was missing some key ingredients, which left the different film elements out of balance.

The Bottom Line: If you have little ones, they will likely enjoy it plenty, so go ahead and rent it, just don't expect the same Pixar magic you've been accustomed to, it's all I'm saying.

Grade: 6

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