Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Great cement Wall of China

Apparently, back in 2014, the Cultural Relics Bureau of Suizhong county ordered a 700-year-old swath of the Great Wall of China repaired by covering it with a nice layer of cement:

It was an effort to restore parts of the wall which have fallen into disrepair and are not open to the public, but the restoration has been met with condemnation by social media users and advocates. 
The repair work took place near the border of Liaoning and Hebei province and photos of the results were widely shared by Beijing News on Weibo this week. 
[...] Chinese internet users have slammed the repair job, with the Weibo hashtag "The most beautiful, wild Great Wall flattened" trending online. 
"Glad Venus de Milo is not in China, or someone would get her a new arm," one user said.
A photo from before China's Great Wall was cemented.
A photo from before China's Great Wall was cemented.
Great Wall of China Society deputy director Dong Yaohui said the restoration work had been done "very badly". "It damaged the original look of the Great Wall and took away the history from the people."
No one at the Bureau thought this was a bad idea? No one on the crew though it would be sacrilege?


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