Sunday, January 31, 2016


The Gist: Two upscale New York students share an apartment with a third guy, whom they decide to strangle to death simply to prove their intellectual superiority and their disregard for inferior beings. Afterwards, they simply hide the body in an unlocked chest in the middle of the apartment and proceed with the party they had planned to host. The guests are all people who knew or were related to the victim, who was also one of the invitees. Among them is their old schoolteacher, whom they consider intellectually equal, and according to whose teachings they justify their actions. Will they get away with it?

Alfred Hitchcock proves once again that he's the master of suspense by pushing the boundaries of common decency, morality, and human arrogance.

James Stewart is excellent and the script is superbly written.

The Bottom Line: Rope is a must-see that is arguably one of Hitchcock's best films. Be prepared to feel uncomfortable by the actions performed on screen.

Grade: 8

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