Saturday, January 30, 2016

A New Beginning

Hello Reader,

I started this blog back in the summer of 2005, in the heyday of blogging, so to speak, and have enjoyed having a place where I can express myself ever since.

Here I could write reviews of the movies and TV shows I loved watching, the music or art I enjoyed, the books I read, and I could comment on all the topics that interested me, whether they be politics, the environment, space, or LGBT issues.

One thing I never particularly liked, however, was the name I had chosen for the blog, that is BlogElution -- The Blog Evolution. I tried hard to find some catchy or clever name that sort of related to all that I wanted to write about, but it was no easy task. So eventually that's what I settled on, always wishing I had picked something different.

Finally, after having made sure that I wouldn't lose all my years of writing (over 10!!), I sat down and started brainstorming, until I finally came up with a new name (that was still available as a url of course).

So today marks the birth of a head of my own, with a new banner but the same focus.

Now, back to writing!


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