Saturday, January 30, 2016

Family Plot

The Gist: A phony psychic and her dull boyfriend are trying to con a rich elderly woman by looking for her estranged and illegitimate nephew for a substantial sum. Unsure whether he's even alive or dead, their only lead brings them to a jeweler who kidnaps rich people on the side in order to collect diamonds as ransom. Things will only get more complicated from there.

Family Plot turned out to be Alfred Hitchcock's last feature film, back in 1976. It's a thriller with a hefty dose of comedy that keeps you guessing whether the lighter tone will deliver the usual dramatic payload in the end.

The Bottom Line: While not one of his best, this is still a good Hitchcock movie. Bruce Dern, Barbara Harris, Karen Black, and William Devane are well cast and play to their strengths for an ultimately enjoyable tale.

Grade: 7

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