Friday, January 29, 2016

Captain America: The First Avenger

The Gist: A sickly guy, rejected by the Army but determined to serve, accepts to be the test subject for a serum meant to create an army of super-soldiers. The experiment is a success, but now he becomes a target.

The first installment of the Captain America franchise is a clear success. Excellent visual effects allow the super-gorgeous Chris Evans to transform from the feeblest of physiques to his spectacular self. And really, can you name an actor who would embody Captain America better than Chris Evans?

This being the first movie, the backstory of our hero has to be established, so a lot of time is devolved to that task. With that out of the way, the follow ups will be able to more promptly jump into the action, but this one is built well enough not to be lacking in that either.

The antihero is played by Hugo Weaving, who does a fair job, even though he looked more natural in The Matrix movies. Rather, it's the great Tommy Lee Jones who gets to steal the show whenever he's onscreen.

The Bottom Line: I'm very ambivalent about the endless stream of adaptations of comic book heroes, but since they seem to be here to stay (for the time being), might as well enjoy a few. This one definitely came out good, so unless you hate the genre, go ahead and watch it. Also, there's Chris Evans.

Grade: 8

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