Sunday, July 17, 2016

Big Eyes

The Gist: After meeting Walter Keane, a fraudulent wannabe painter, and marrying him, Margaret is grudgingly cajoled into letting him sell her paintings of children with unnaturally big eyes as his own. When his pompousness turns dangerously delusional, she leaves him and will eventually sue to clear her name and regain ownership of her art.

Big Eyes, directed by Tim Burton, tells the true story of world-renown painter Margaret Keane and her fight for independence. Well written, it features great costumes and a cinematography dripping with rich colors.

It stars Amy Adams (winner of a Best Lead Actress Golden Globe) and Christoph Waltz (nominated for a Best Lead Actor Golden Globe). She's very good, he's good but too theatrical, even though perhaps that's how the real Walter Keane actually was.

Danny Huston and Terence Stamp also star in smaller roles.

The Bottom Line: I really enjoyed this movie. It's nothing memorable but it's a cool story, well put together, and well acted.

Grade: 7

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