Saturday, July 02, 2016


The Gist: Diagnosed with terminal cancer, Wade Wilson decides to undergo a risky procedure by an unscrupulous organization. The procedure is supposed to activate whatever dormant genes one might have that will then eradicate any disease. He becomes Deadpool, but a side effect disfigures him. He now needs to capture Ajax and force him to undo the disfigurement, which has kept him from reuniting with his beloved Vanessa.

Ever since Marvel started producing the movies based on its properties, the overall quality of comic book heroes movies has gone up substantially (both for Marvel and DC Comics characters).

Deadpool marks yet another smashing success, and the first time a movie based on a comic book hero was rated R, thereby limiting the attendance of younger teenagers.

Ryan Reynolds (boy is he gorgeous...!!) was born to play this role. The character is outrageously funny and Reynolds displays an aptitude for delivering lines heavy in double entendres with total deadpan.

The script is well written and developed, the visual effects are absurdly good, the acting is perfectly tailored, and I loved the interweaving with other X-Men characters.

The Bottom Line: I absolutely recommend this movie, even to those of you who don't care about movies based on comic books at all. It is that funny.

Grade: 8

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