Sunday, July 17, 2016

Big Hero 6

The Gist: After discovering his brother's death was not entirely accidental, Hiro sets out to find and capture the culprit with the help of his brother's friends and Baymax, a sentient robot his brother created.

Big Hero 6 starts out very promising, but pretty quickly veers into outlandish territory, even for an animated movie featuring a robot with advanced artificial intelligence.

Two things I found particularly jarring. One, the technology available seems several decades in the future, and yet the world the people live in closely resembles our own. Two, no matter how sophisticated the suits or weapons, it's hardly possible for college students (nerds at that) to become proficient superhero fighters in the space of an afternoon.

Again, I know it's an animated film, but when it so closely resembles our world, it's hard to avoid drawing comparisons. To put it in perspective, the creators also made Wreck-It Ralph and Frozen, but those two worlds have nothing to do with our own. The former is fully encapsulated into video games, and the latter is a fantasy world, even if the people and animals look like us and ours.

The Bottom Line: While Big Hero 6 is wonderfully rendered and the story is at times incredibly sweet, Baymax is the one character I found most believable, and it is a robot. It's hard to believe that this movie won the Oscar for Best Animated Picture.

Grade: 6

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