Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Air Force One

The Gist: A terrorist group boards Air Force One and tries to take the President hostage. His escape pod is ejected, so the hijackers decide to use his family instead to force the release of their leader from a Russian prison. Not one to run from danger, however, the President is actually still on board of the plane and starts scheming to undermine the terrorists.

The perfect Harrison Ford vehicle, Air Force One solidified his action hero status and gave the world yet another too-good-to-be-true cinematic character whose actions defy logic and physics.

In spite of all that, admittedly, the movie is a pretty good shot of adrenaline and it's certainly fun to watch. Glenn Close, Paul Guilfoyle, and Gary Oldman turn in good performances too.

The Bottom Line: Be ready to lower your bullshit-detector threshold level, but otherwise, you could certainly do worse than Air Force One.

Grade: 6

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