Thursday, July 14, 2016

A Most Violent Year

The Gist: Abel Morales is trying to close a deal that will enable him to be a major player in New York City's oil delivery business. His competitors are trying to stop him. The city's DA is investigating him. And his wife, the daughter of a know mafioso, appreciates her husband's determination to remain an honest businessman, but won't think twice about resorting to anything in order to get what she wants.

A Most Violent Year earned the fabulous Jessica Chastain her second acting Oscar nomination. She's flanked by Oscar Isaac, who shows great promise and does a very good job.

Albert Brooks and David Oyelowo are good in less flashy roles than usual.

The Bottom Line: A Most Violent Year is a good movie, well directed and acted, that will ultimately leave you wanting. It seems to want to keep you on edge by suggesting the violence in the title more than showing it, but it's not really successful.

Grade: 7

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