Thursday, July 07, 2016


The Gist: During the confirmation process to appoint Judge Clarence Thomas to the US Supreme Court, damaging allegations of sexual harassment are leveled against him by Anita Hill, a former employee who's now a respected law professor. The Senate will have no choice but to hold public hearings on the matter.

I knew that Justice Thomas had been accused of sexual harassment by Anita Hill and that his confirmation had been contentious as a result, but I didn't know very many details, so watching Confirmation seemed like a good idea.

I'm glad to report that the HBO film is informative and well cast, with the beautiful Kerry Washington and the always excellent Wendell Pierce as the leads.

Frankly, it is appalling that after the details of her accusations were made public, this man was still confirmed to sit on the Supreme Court, supposedly a position requiring a reputation beyond reproach.

Unfortunately, the attempts at character assassination the Republicans engaged in to ensure their nominee's confirmation would be employed again today, when the harasser is often turned into the victim whose reputation is being dragged through the mud, rather than the individual who engaged in criminal (and despicable) behavior.

The cast includes Greg Kinnear, Jeffrey Wright, Eric Stonestreet, Treat Williams, Dylan Baker, and even Jennifer Hudson in a fairly small role.

The Bottom Line: Another good TV movie by HBO; well written, well acted, and very informative. It's ideal for a generation that knows nothing about what happened in the hallways of power just over a couple decades ago.

Grade: 7

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