Sunday, February 07, 2016

Last Days in Vietnam

The Gist: A detailed analysis of what happened in Vietnam when the North broke its peace treaty with the South after President Nixon's resignation. The communists' advance was rapid and merciless, causing hundreds of thousands of South Vietnamese to try and flee the country. There were still a few thousand Americans who needed to be evacuated as well.

I vaguely knew about the end of the Vietnam war and the tragic defeat it represented for the United States, but I didn't know the many revealing and surprising details recounted in this documentary.

There are many interviews with people who were there when the North attacked and they were forced to flee, and it's great to hear their first hand accounts.

The Bottom Line: Last Days in Vietnam is a very good, Oscar nominated documentary that sheds a lot of light over the dreadful quagmire.

Grade: 8

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