Sunday, February 28, 2016

In Memoriam

Mina (12/2000 - 7/14/2014)

Writing about the passing of my dogs is always so painful, a lot of time has to go by before I can finally put them to rest by posting about it.

Just over a year after the passing of our adored Diablo, we lost our little Mina.

She was so incredibly sweet and cuddly, but also quite energetic and always ready to play. She's the one we credit with keeping Diablo young in her old age, and for that we'll always be grateful.

Mina, unfortunately, suffered from separation anxiety, a condition that worsened with the passage of time, particularly whenever big changes (like our kids' adoption) occurred.

In spite of that, however, she was a pleasure to have around, and losing her was hard. Not only that, but she actually died when I was in Italy with the kids, waiting for Ray to join us. All of a sudden, she got visibly sick on a Friday and a visit to the vet revealed that she had cancer pretty much everywhere.

Ray did what he could over the weekend, but by Monday it was clear that her time had come. He was all alone when she died in his arms, which made it extra hard for him, and I'll always regret not being with her at the very end.

Nevertheless, I know I gave her mountains of love, which was always multiplied and returned by her.

She will be missed forever. But she will be fondly remembered forever as well.

Goodbye sweet love of mine.

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