Saturday, February 20, 2016

Three Dancing Slaves

The Gist: After the death of their mother, three brothers have to adapt to living with just their tough as nails father. The brothers themselves are quite maladjusted, between jail stints and drug trafficking, and now one of them might be falling in love with another guy. Needless to say, the family's dynamic is in constant flux.

Three Dancing Slaves is a rather raw look at what it means to grow up gay in the roughest environment one can imagine, surrounded by standards of masculinity that eschew any perceived deviation from the norm.

Nicolas CazaléStéphane RideauThomas Dumerchez, and Salim Kechiouche play carefully drawn characters and are a pleasure to just stare at, if you get my drift...

The Bottom LineThree Dancing Slaves feels like a very realistic representation of how a lot of gay guys grow up and of the surroundings they find themselves into. Definitely recommended.

Grade: 7

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