Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Mighty Have Fallen

Jeb Bush finally quit the presidential race last night after failing to win the third contest in a row and never surging past fourth position.

When he announced he was running, I worried he had the best chance to beat Hillary, because of his name recognition and the vast amounts of cash he would have been able to raise. He was the one I had no doubt would win the nomination, and the one who really would have made it hard for Hillary because of the Bush v. Clinton perennial war.

Now Bush is done and if you care to read about how badly he ran his campaign, how many mistakes he made, and how many times he stumbled and misread the clues, here are some very good articles:

Errors and miscalculations ended Bush’s White House hopes: report.

Ding dong, the dynasty is dead: Say goodbye to Jeb and the Bush family.

The Party of Bush Yields, Warily, to a New Face: Donald Trump.

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