Monday, February 15, 2016

Valley Girl

The Gist: It's love at first sight for Randy and Julie, but he's from downtown LA and she's from the Valley, so their worlds and friends couldn't be more diverse. They will have to fight against a lot of preconceptions in order to stay together.

Valley Girl is a movie I watched only because I came into possession of the DVD, and that's about all the apologies you'll get from me, since it's a fairly lame excuse for a movie.

Nicolas Cage, here in his first starring role, proved he could carry a movie and showcased plenty of the macho charisma that later informed pretty much all of his filmography.

The Bottom Line: What can I say, obviously Valley Girl is not memorable nor of consequence. It's a silly little flick aimed squarely at teenage girls in search of some vapid lite-entertainment.

Grade: 5

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