Wednesday, February 17, 2016

How White Privilege Works

As all of you know, a bunch of armed to the teeth crazy white people terrorists took over a federal building because they don't like the laws of the country and don't think they should follow them.

They were hoping for a lot of support nationwide from other militias, but they were either turned down or criticized by them because even they thought these people were going about it the wrong way.

Anyway, to avoid violence that would have certainly ended with someone dead, the government pretty much let them free to come and go, hoping they'd get over it sooner or later.

Finally, the whole ordeal ended when the FBI was able to arrest several of these delusional individuals, and one was actually killed when he refused to let the cops stop and arrest him, and even tried to shoot at them, so it serves him right. One less asshole spewing hate out there.

Today, I stumbled upon this video in which Cenk Uygur puts in perspective what really went on here and how there really are two Americas. One for the white right-wingers and the other one for everyone else:


From Rawstory.

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