Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Now, Voyager

The Gist: Charlotte, a very insecure, repressed spinster, is completely dominated by her wealthy mother. One day, a renowned psychiatrist notices the dynamic and convinces the mother that he could help his daughter, whom she considers a lost cause, and takes her to his sanitarium. Once free from her mother's overbearing control, Charlotte transforms into a beautiful, sophisticated, and confident woman, and has a love affair with a famous architect. Her reunion with her mother will put her newfound strengths to the test.

Another great movie with Bette Davis, who is once again paired with Claude Rains. This time, however, Paul Henreid plays the love interest.

This role, in which Ms. Davis starts out looking quite frumpy, only to turn into a stunning looking woman, crystallizes her qualities as a star of the silver screen from the golden age of Hollywood.

The Bottom Line: Now, Voyager is another favorite of mine of Ms. Davis' oeuvre. She shines in it and is absolutely charming.

Grade: 8

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