Sunday, February 14, 2016

Wreck-It Ralph

The Gist: Wreck-It-Ralph destroys anything on his path, while Fix-It Felix rebuilds everything in his wake. Theirs is a simple video game in an arcade that comes to life once the humans leave for the day. Longing to be loved as much as his opponent, Wreck-It-Ralph leaves his game and ventures in a first-person shooter one to show he can be a hero too. Unfortunately, his little escapade unleashes a series of unfortunate events that end up involving several other characters and games in the arcade, and the future of them all becomes imperiled.

Wreck-It-Ralph is one of Disney's most original animation efforts, even though the premise of games (toys) coming alive when humans aren't watching has been extensively explored by the Toy Story trilogy.

The Bottom Line: Nominated for a Best Animated Feature Oscar, the movie is funny, engaging, touching, and even riveting. Don't miss it.

Grade: 8

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