Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Virgin Suicides

The Gist: Five very close teenage sisters have overprotective and authoritarian parents, with a very devout mother. All this means that their social life is practically nonexistent, which isolates them from any significant relationship, romantic or not. Their forced seclusion also gives the family a veneer of mystery. After the youngest commits suicides, the parents tighten their control over the girls even more, and eventually completely segregate them in the house. Eventually, they all kill themselves.

The Virgin Suicides was Sofia Coppola's directorial debut and it put her on the map as an effective storyteller. I actually really like her subsequent efforts much more than her debut, which I found confusing and even a bit boring.

James Woods, Kathleen Turner, and Kirsten Dunst are all very good in their roles, and the handsome Josh Hartnett steams up every scene he's in.

The Bottom Line: The film is based on a book, so I'll assume this is a faithful adaptation of a literary work I would probably not care much for. Ultimately, I found it to be unsatisfying.

Grade: 6

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