Sunday, February 21, 2016

You'll Get Over It

The Gist: Vincent is the typical high school guy that everyone admires and envies: he's handsome, has a beautiful girlfriend who loves him, and is the star of the swimming team. At home, he's adored by his parents. Vincent also happens to be secretly gay, and has a male lover on the side. When someone finds out, he's outed and has to deal with the fallout.

You'll Get Over It is a very good gay-themed movie that tackles the issue of being outed against one's will and having to adapt. The main difference with similar movies is that this time the guy is not a misfit, but rather a very respected member of society.

The handsome Julien Baumgartner does an excellent job in making us feel the pain and terror and anxiety that accompanies any coming out, but especially the unplanned ones.

The Bottom Line: You'll Get Over It is an excellent entry in the pantheon of great gay movies. It might feel a bit lite because it was originally developed for television, but it makes up for it with great acting and a well written script.

Grade: 8

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