Sunday, February 21, 2016


The Gist: After failing to recover a stolen hard disk with top secret information about the identities of several NATO agents, James Bond is believed deceased. Meanwhile, a former top-notch MI6 agent, who used to be close to M, seeks vengeance and hacks her computer right before detonating MI6's headquarters. As the death toll grows with the disclosure of the NATO secret agents' identities, Bond reappears, and is tasked by M to find out who is responsible for the unprecedented compromising of the British intelligence agency.

Skyfall is the last film in Sam Mendes' 007 trilogy, which it redeems after the mildly unsatisfying Quantum of Solace. Skyfall nicely bookends Mendes' work, together with Casino Royale.

Following tradition, Daniel Craig, whom I still consider the greatest Bond ever and the best thing to happen to the franchise, is assigned a new femme fatale, Bérénice Marlohe, who is, naturally, gorgeous.

Judi Dench, Ralph Fiennes, and Javier Bardem are the trifecta of high caliber actors that help elevating the film's cachet.

The Bottom Line: Skyfall is a good movie, very well made, full of insane action, well acted, and a good addition to the 007 canon. Don't miss it if you are a Bond fan.

Grade: 8

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