Friday, February 26, 2016

The Bourne Legacy

The Gist: Aaron Cross is part of a highly classified CIA operation called Outcome. When similarly classified Project Treadstone and Operation Blackbriar are damagingly exposed in the press (as depicted in the Jason Bourne trilogy), the CIA decides to terminate Operation Outcome and all its agents before it too ends up exposed. Cross survives an assassination attempt, but has to track down a doctor in order to get more of the medication he's supposed to take as part of his training regimen. The doctor is also in the CIA's cross hairs though, so they both flee to the Philippines, where the pills are produced, but the CIA is hot on their heels.

The Bourne Legacy is, unarguably, an attempt on the part of the studio behind the Bourne trilogy to keep the cash coming in, but it's most assuredly a successful one.

The film is well written and full of the kind of action the fans have become accustomed to, has a good score and very good acting.

Jeremy Renner seems to be a worthy substitute now that Matt Damon has abandoned the franchise, so I'm sure we'll see more chapters in the future.

The Bottom LineThe Bourne Legacy is a well rounded action/thriller that smartly picks up where its predecessor left off and hits the ground running. Definitely recommended.

Grade: 8

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